Brooke Thivierge

As Head of Operations for Bateman Agency, Brooke Thivierge is responsible for all aspects of administration, finance and operations to create seamless processes for the business.

With 15 years of operational experience managing startups, Brooke is surprised by nothing, anticipates most problems before they occur and is laser-focused on developing best-of-breed systems that are always one or two steps ahead of Bateman Agency’s growth. Brooke has worked in operations roles at larger companies such as AT&T, where she fine-tuned her unique skill set that blends operational excellence, financial acumen and IT service chops with her natural passion for event management and celebrating company culture.

Beyond business, Brooke is passionate about staying involved in her tribe and working to restore rights for Native peoples. She is also one of Bateman Agency’s many outdoor lovers, and at any given moment you may find her on a motorcycle, in a kayak, or cutting across the sky in a tandem paraglide.