Tom Hannigan

Account Manager
As an Account Manager for Bateman Agency based in the San Francisco office, Tom Hannigan focuses on media relations and strategy, staying up to date on the latest news driving the enterprise technology space.

Tom prides himself on staying up to date on the latest trends and news driving the enterprise technology space. Focusing on media relations and strategy at Bateman Agency, Tom works with his clients to develop storylines and campaigns that resonate with the media, build brands and deliver value.

Since discovering his affection for B2B Tech PR at Boston-based Inkhouse, Tom has worked with companies ranging from startups to well-established market players, assisting in funding announcements, acquisitions and product launches, and developed relationships with journalists at tier-one business and key trade publications. Tom eats news for breakfast and washes it down with black coffee, determined to get that next big media hit.

Tom considers himself a music snob and prefers Apple Music to Spotify, but don’t judge him for it. Prior to entering the world of public relations, he graduated from UMass Amherst with a degree in Sports Journalism.