Bateman Agency’s Summer Interns Reflect on Their Work Experience

As the summer winds down, Bateman is looking back on the first year of its internship program. For the past three months, interns in both our Boston and San Francisco offices have been busy listening in on conference calls, participating in company-led training sessions, and conducting individual research for our clients. Learn a bit about Bateman’s first class of interns, what motivated them to spend their summer with us, and what they took away from the experience.

Elise Costello - Boston Office

Trinity College 

Why PR?

As an English major, I have always gravitated towards professions that hold space for creativity. Since storytelling and outside-the-box thinking are skills that are integral to a successful career in PR, I was really intrigued by the industry.

Why Bateman?

Even before my first day as an intern, it was clear that Bateman Agency nurtures an extremely inclusive environment, where kindness and transparency are of the utmost importance. This, coupled with the agency’s impressive track record with clients, made me want to become a part of the team. 

What will you take away from your experience this summer?

In particular I learned a lot about what constitutes good writing in a PR agency as opposed to in an academic setting, both from participating in content studio meetings and by doing some writing myself.

Kayla Bateman - Boston Office

University of New Hampshire

Why PR?

One reason I wanted to try out PR was the opportunity to work in a creative learning environment.

Why Bateman?

I wanted to intern at Bateman because I feel the agency prioritizes a healthy and happy work environment where you can learn so much while also creating bonds with staff and clients.

What will you take away from your experience this summer?

I gained a lot of confidence this summer as a member of the team and in understanding what goes into good client service. I feel like I have a much better understanding of the different components of an integrated PR program and how they work together for good results.

Sofia Woo - San Francisco Office

McGill University

Why PR?

I’m interested in further understanding the importance of creating compelling narratives for companies, and learning how to best apply my critical and creative thinking and writing skills.

Why Bateman?

I wanted to intern at Bateman because of the agency’s focus on tech. Communication and writing are often overlooked in the tech industry, but Bateman Agency allows me to combine my love for writing with my interest in technology. 

What will take away from your experience this summer?

I now have a better understanding about how tech and communications work together, especially seeing how both sides achieve results while maintaining a fast pace. Bateman also showed me the importance of an inclusive work environment, and I learned a lot by observing the dynamics in the San Francisco office.


While our three wonderful interns will be returning soon to their respective universities, we can’t wait to watch them continue to soar to even greater heights and success. The entire full-time staff at Bateman Agency - whether in Boston, Washington, D.C., Austin or San Francisco - are so thankful to Elise, Kayla and Sofia for all of their hard work, especially given the challenges and hiccups associated with being Bateman Agency's inaugural class of summer interns. We hope you all return post-graduation in 2023 to help us scale our special organization by joining the firm as Account Coordinators - already pre-trained on the required skills and pre-conditioned to the cultural values that set us apart.