City Spotlight: Brooklyn, NY

One of the benefits of Bateman Agency culture comes from our earliest days — launched at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re an agency that was built for the age of remote work. As a result, we have employees in every corner of the country and even abroad: in San Francisco, Boston, New York, Austin, Washington D.C., and even Riga, Latvia. In this new blog series, we’ll highlight the different cities that are home to Bateman staff members, offering an inside look into our favorite places.

Today I’ll be taking you through Brooklyn, one of New York City’s five boroughs and my home since last fall. Known for its sprawling streets, rich cultural history and abundance of great restaurants and bars, I’m proud to call Brooklyn home. 

We could dedicate a whole blog series just to the different sections of Brooklyn, but we’re going to focus today on the Park Slope neighborhood. Park Slope is filled with beautiful brownstone townhouses, quaint coffee shops, hole-in-the-wall bagel joints, and restaurants that would catch the eye of a Michelin-star chef. 

Here are a few recommendations for the next time you visit Brooklyn:

Coffee Shop: Kos Kaffe

This corner cafe is located in the heart of Park Slope on bustling 5th Avenue (not dissimilar from Manhattan’s bustling 5th Ave). In the summer, it's home to remote workers and wandering poets alike, and in the winter it’s perfect for sitting close to the windows and people watching. Come for the cold brew, stay for the wide assortment of pastries that fly quickly off the shelf. 

The remote worker’s paradise - Kos Kaffe

Restaurant: Terre

Continue your walk down 5th Avenue in Park Slope and you’ll find Terre. It’s a seemingly unassuming Italian restaurant and wine bar, with an adorable back patio and cozy tables for two inside. The food is classic Italian fare, with bruschetta, homemade pasta, and a selection of natural wines that would be the envy of any sommelier.

Cozy seating and natural wines at Terre

Bar: Union Hall

Themed as a cross between an Ivy League college library and a local bocce hall, Union Hall is the perfect place to end your day after a stroll through Prospect Park or shopping down 5th Avenue. Old bookcases stacked with books and paintings of legacy academics decorate the walls, creating an interesting and inviting atmosphere. Whether you opt for a cold pint or an even colder specialty frozen cocktail, you’re sure to enjoy yourself.

The college library vibes at Union Hall

With Bateman’s flexible remote work policies, I’ve been able to discover and enjoy more of my new neighborhood. From opportunities to work from a cafe or just to sign off at the end of the day and enjoy a nice meal, Bateman has allowed me to become a true Brooklyn local — and given me a list of recommendations for friends and colleagues when they come to town. Be sure to check out these spots if you’re ever in Brooklyn, and continue to check in on our blog as we highlight other cities that "Batemanites" call home.