Content, Hustle and Style: Meet Bateman Associate Meghana Patnana

The Bateman team brings a wealth of varied skills and expertise to bear on every account — and one of our strongest examples of that is Bateman’s Austin-based Associate Meghana Patnana. 

Meghana’s first love was fashion, which combines many of her favorite things: architecture, art, color theory, confidence, movement and structure. She carried that creativity with her as she dove head-first into journalism and public relations, and eventually reached a peak writing about style and culture for the Boston Globe. 

“It’s fun to bring black-and-white type to life in color,” Meghana says, and the clients who’ve benefited from her bold content writing and fresh pitch angles certainly agree!

Taking High Tech to Texas

Based in Austin, Texas, Meghana had an impressive portfolio of PR wins across several industries when she joined Bateman Agency. She kicked off her career in journalism — covering music, race and gender — and then crossed over to BerlinRosen’s advocacy team to support a number of organizations fighting for social justice, education and the environment. 

From there, Meghana moved to FleishmanHillard, where she focused on finance, banking and healthcare. She was also a project manager on FleishmanHillard’s Race + Culture, Media and Platforms team, helping clients engage on today’s most pressing diversity, equity, and inclusion issues. Then Meghana — who holds a degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Computer Science from Boston University — turned her talents toward fast-paced high tech-focused PR with Bateman. 

“From the start, I’ve steered my career toward working on fun and impactful projects where I can express myself while delivering results for clients,” Meghana says. “I’m excited to be a part of the Bateman team and help drive campaigns that matter in some of the fastest-growing tech segments.”

Always up for trying new things: Meghana in Costa Rica

Meghana “Passionate” Patnana

Meghana hates the word “passionate”. She thinks it’s a cop-out word, overused and wants “passionate” to be cancelled. For example, Meghana’s not passionate about cheese — she loves it so much, she genuinely can’t imagine life without it. Some other things Meghana loves beyond measure? Discovering new things, painting, and playing team sports like soccer and squash (“yes, squash is a team sport!”) Of course, no sporting achievement will ever match when her sister Rhea captained the first high school squash team from the Midwest to win a national title!

After work, Meghana loves binge-watching TV. She knows the shtick about television rotting your brain is dead. She believes you can learn so much from the medium, especially when watching with a critical eye. That being said, Meghana also loves reading and is currently combing through a lengthy article on cryptocurrency and a book entitled: “The Edge of Every Day: Sketches of Schizophrenia."

Meghana with her mother in Austin

A Gift Given is a Gift Received

Meghana loves, LOVES, giving the perfect gift. Know that feeling when the person opens your gift and shrieks with joy? That’s the feeling Meghana chases. Every school year, she and her siblings would give each teacher a small token for all their dedication, recognizing that to teach someone is to show them the world. 

When Meghana gave her favorite fifth-grade teacher a scarf, the woman sobbed, saying she felt so appreciated, which made Meghana’s mother cry. That moment resonated, and Meghana is always sure to show appreciation for her coworkers and clients to keep everyone moving on a positive path!

Fun Fact: Meghana can’t wink.