Meredith Wilshere Writes It All. Meet Bateman’s New Content Writing Specialist and Media Relations Guru

They say that content writers are like snowflakes: no two approach the job with the exact same background or experience. Meredith Wilshere's experience may be the most interesting of them all. Since her first published poem at the age of 13, she's taken on every writing challenge thrown her way. Whether it's the multiple novels she has in process; the relationship advice column she penned while a student at Boston University; or in-depth opinion pieces for Bateman clients like Mirakl and New Relic, Bateman's newest content and media relations specialist can handle it all with grace and humor. 

Meredith's depth of experience has served her well so far in a richly varied PR career. In her previous role at Inkhouse, she supported clients in industries ranging from tourism to food safety to 3D printing. And as Bateman Agency expands into areas like Observability, Cyber Security, Marketing Tech and eCommerce, Meredith's talent will be key in telling timely, compelling stories. 

A Devoted Storyteller

Meredith's role at Bateman combines her love of writing with a strong instinct for what works with the media. She views these tasks as two sides of the same coin: "To me, storytelling is my favorite thing. Being able to tell a story across different mediums and invite journalists to help tell that story always excites me." Meredith continues, "The tension, the problems, the solutions all wrapped together in a byline or a featured story reminds me of my favorite books."

Knowing Meredith's appetite for good writing and her interest in discovering new challenges, it's no surprise that she most enjoys the unpredictable nature of high tech PR. "I like how every day is different and can go in so many different ways," says Meredith. "No two days are alike, which helps fight against the monotony of a virtual workday."


Outside of work, Meredith is drawn to activities that allow her to foster a sense of community and belonging. "I am a barre instructor, and I take a lot of pride in connecting my community and meeting them in their fitness journeys and helping them along the way," says Meredith. "Seeing the same faces every week makes me proud to help and be a resource for others."

Meredith and her Dad After the Run for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Of course, Meredith's downtime also includes a healthy amount of writing. While working on a novel may seem like a solitary undertaking, Meredith found that the pandemic offered a unique chance to build virtual connections with other writers. "I meet with a writing support group every two weeks to give feedback and learn from each other… It has been nice to lean on a virtual community that offers support and motivation when needed and mirrors each other’s anguish when we haven’t written in a few days."

Staying Active

Raised on Long Island, Meredith is now a Bostonian through and through — including a love for all things Boston sports instilled in her by her father. She enjoys pursuing seasonal hobbies that allow her to take in the best of New England's changing seasons: "In the summer, I take up hiking and long walks by the Charles River. In the winter, I teach myself how to ski—it's a practice of trusting myself and using the kids who go down black diamond runs as motivation."

Meredith and the Wilshere Clan in Manhasset, New York

Fun fact: Meredith has a knack for viral moments. Her Twitter musings and TikTok videos are liable to blow up at a moment’s notice — don’t be surprised if @merewilsh or @gabbaghal make their way across your feed!