Courtney Bonness

Account Manager

Courtney Bonness is an Account Manager at Bateman Agency based in the San Francisco office. She is a passionate storyteller, relationship-builder, and strategist with more than five years of public relations, public affairs and communications experience. At her previous agencies, Courtney has led account teams spanning technology, nonprofit and venture capital sectors, including UCSF Health, Pegasus Capital Advisors, Protect Our Defenders, Accela, CalmWave, Way to Win, Kojo, Dutchie, Pisces Foundation, Netflix, Bellroy and Ethos. She currently shapes programs for Bateman Agency clients Buildkite, Observe, PUDU Robotics and Topaz Labs.

Courtney earned her B.A. in English Literature and Professional Writing from Purdue University, with a focus in technical communications. When she’s not reading or writing, Courtney enjoys hiking, drinking too much black coffee, and combating perfectionism by attempting a new “hobby of the year” (currently film photography, formerly rock climbing and pottery).