Meghana Patnana

Account Manager

As an Account Manager based in Austin, Texas, Meghana Patnana brings varied and diverse experience to Bateman Agency, where past and present clients include: Checkr, Flip.Shop, New Relic, Observe, Sendbird and Topaz Labs. Meghana began her professional career working in journalism as a freelance writer covering culture, music and race and gender topics, most notably for the Boston Globe. She kicked off her career in PR working at BerlinRosen on the advocacy team supporting social justice groups. More recently, she continued developing her skills at FleishmanHillard, where she gained experience in finance, banking and healthcare. Additionally, Meghana was part of the FleishmanHillard’s Race + Culture, Media and Platforms team as a project manager to help clients better engage on today's most complex DE&I issues.

Meghana graduated from Boston University in May 2020 with a degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Computer Science. She enjoys hearing about the weird things in life and discussing trivial questions like “is water wet?” Meghana loves talking music and genuinely likes hearing about your Spotify Wrapped, so feel free to let her know your top artists.